TARDY BELL RINGS AT 7:58 AM! School Starts at 8:00AM!   Wish your students luck as they take the new SBAC test the next couple of weeks.

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Flex Day
Date: 6/3/2015, 8 AM 11:50 AM
Flex Day
Date: 6/10/2015, 8 AM 11:50 AM

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THINK Together Extended Learning Day Program
THINK Together offers the following: Snack, Homework Assistance, Physical Activities, Enrichment (Math Games, Language Arts, Science, Character Education conflict Resolution etc.)
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Did You Know?

The largest jellyfish ever caught measured 7'6" across the bell with a tentacle that was 120 feet long.

Animals are either right-handed or left-handed. Polar bears are left-handed and so is Kermit the Frog.

Rodin died of frostbite in 1917 when the French governmnent refused him financial aid for a flat (aprartment), yet they kept his statues warmly housed in museums.

There are more than ten billion web pages on the internet.

Sharks and rays share the same kind of skin; instead of scales, they have small tooth-like spikes called denticles. The spikes are so sharp that shark skin has long been used as sandpaper.